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New Staging Furniture!

Posted on December 31, 2014 at 5:20 PM Comments comments (1)

We are in the process of selecting furniture to rent as packages and I am so excited for the new colors for 2015. Here's a catalog for Ashley Furniture which shows some of the great 2015 Color Trends for the New Year~

Lots of fresh colors we can use to Stage those homes to sell fast and for top dollar! One of my favorites for 2015 is Tangerine...

The Three C's of Staging

Posted on December 16, 2014 at 5:25 PM Comments comments (0)

Many times I hear from Seller’s and Realtor's that they can't afford to Stage the property before it goes on the market and I am completely baffled by this statement. Staging does not have to be expensive and you can just focus on the basics if you have a minimal budget. The basics are what I learned as the 3 C's of Staging as an ASP- Accredited Staging Professional. (Taught by Barb Schwarz creator of Home Staging)


The 3 C's are Clean, Clutter and Color~


1st C- Clean- Clean houses are more appealing. They look and smell better and Buyers will assume that a clean home is better cared for.


2nd C- Clutter- We all have the right to live in our homes any way we want but when it comes time to put the house on the market it now becomes a product. So you absolutely must pack up as much as possible so that Buyers will be able to mentally move their stuff into the home and not get distracted by your personal belongings.


3rd C- Color- Color scheme of the house. You must create a common theme from room to room and keep it as neutral as possible. Paint any rooms that have bold colors and replace carpet that is dated in color. (you know what I'm talking about the teal or mauve colors from the 80's!)



Just by concentrating on those three basic Staging principles, you will beat out most of the competition!


Below is a Before and After photo of a home that I Staged with my team. At first it is hard to even see that there is a very nice home under all of the clutter and mess! The before and after photos are of the Kitchen and I also included a link below to view the tour of the entire transformation. This home was going on the market when I came to do my initial consultation and the Seller was a single man who was a busy professional without much time to clean and certainly did not have any decorating skills. My team and I started with the basics and we made sure that it was Clean, Clear of Clutter and then we created a common Color theme with accessories.


We Staged the home re-purposing most of the Sellers belongings. We also packed up a ton of stuff and moved it to the garage until the home sold. We then added some minimal décor and accessories for color to give it that great first impression. The home sold quickly and it was all because of Staging.

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